Shipping & Refund Policy

"100% Free Shipping, 100% Satisfaction"

We want you to have the best service possible at the best price possible. That means we take every issue, concern and problem seriously, if you're buying in bulk or just bought one set. Never hesitate to get in touch, we're a friendly bunch of people who want to help!

  • We will answer any questions quickly. Just get in touch with us on if you have anything you'd like to talk to us about.
  • We take any problems very seriously. If the product you have purchased has any issues or you'd like a refund or a replacement get in touch!
  • Free shipping is provided on everything we sell.
  • We offer tracking on shipments when possible.
  • We communicate any changes and product closeouts as soon as they happen.
  • Our products are shipped from China through our fulfilment partner, shipping can take up to 30 days. Due to the Covid-19 virus and lock down measures some packages may take longer, if your package hasn't arrived within 3 weeks, get in touch with us and we will follow up on it for you.